The Award-Winning

ION Commerce Engine® (ICE)

Our cloud-based connected commerce platform performs two functions, in unison, at the point of sale: a customer mobile, digital payment and an associated merchant loyalty reward.

ICE connects directly with loyalty partners’ points system, converting rewards to cash during redemptions and cash to rewards during accrual.

This dynamic platform allows clients and partners to white-label our mobile apps for consumers and merchants, or enhance their own mobile apps using our mobile software developer kit (SDK).

The ICE payment and loyalty platform uses a safe and secure, mobile-to-mobile CODE checkout, eliminating the need for NFC or QR codes at the point of sale.

ICE ideally provides connectivity for partners having a large base of mobile app consumers and a substantial portfolio of SMB merchants.

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App Partner – Mobile SDK

Through our partner relationships and technology integrations, we're committed to increasing daily consumer touchpoints for your mobile app and creating even greater value for your own loyalty currency, whether miles, room nights or points.

Our mobile SDK offers a fast and flexible path to enable the Mobile Rewards Marketplace® in your app, providing payments, rewards and perks to your members. Marketplace merchants fund your loyalty rewards when members pay with your app at their locations and can accept your loyalty currency as cash, creating an amazing experience for your members.

App Partner – Private Label

Utilize a private label version of our proven ION Rewards® app, your mobile customers gain instant access to the Mobile Rewards Marketplace, personalized offers or savings, and free stuff from our Perks providers.

Our proprietary, GeoSense® iBeacon network features welcome notifications and one-tap checkouts, driving more frequent app use. We pick up the cost to supply and manage iBeacons at merchant locations and offer custom-tailored messaging for each branded app.