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Innovating the Future of Commerce

We can help connect merchants of all shapes and sizes with spend-ready consumers through their mobile devices, home appliances and vehicle dashboards.

Alongside our global, industry-leading partners, we are innovating at the speed of everyday life to help deliver new and higher sales for retail, restaurant and manufacturing clients.

We're making it easier than ever for consumers with an urge to buy something now, find it around the corner, skip the line and make paying in-store a distant afterthought.

Sionic Mobile

The first universal linking service securely connecting consumers’ preferred digital payments with their favorite merchants.

It's Simple

We're making it easier than ever for restaurants, gas stations, parking providers, and hotels to accept orders and payments from millions of consumers actively searching, using popular mobile apps like Google, Chrome, Maps, and Assistant.

It's Secure

CyberSource, a Visa solution, provides ULink with token security and gateway services, enabling support for G Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay along with debit and credit cards. Payments are processed natively through merchants' current providers.

How ULink Works

At the core of ULink is a secure microsite where users create a single digital profile during their first commerce transaction. Profile information is then available on-the-fly for use at any participating merchant across multiple experiences: mobile apps, in-home connected devices and appliances, and voice-activated vehicle dashboards.

What Our ULink Platform Solves: Presents merchants to consumers at the precise moment buying decisions are made and eliminates the payment step of the process.

Sionic Mobile

Our Partners

We are proud to work with these world-class innovation partners:

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