Sionic Mobile Launches The Mobile Rewards Marketplace™

By: Business Wire 1/31/2017, 2:00:00 PM


ATLANTA--Sionic Mobile today announced the launch of a fully digital, Mobile Rewards Marketplace for small-to-medium sized business merchants (SMBs) and large chain retailers. Available early February, the Marketplace for SMBs is powered by the company's award-winning ION Commerce Engine™ (ICE) and features speedy sign up, low-cost, bulk-rate mobile payments, merchant controlled rewards and untethered reach to millions of big-brand Mobile Rewards App consumers.

There are no upfront costs, complex integrations or expensive technology upgrades required to join the Marketplace. The Mobile Rewards Marketplace, a cloud-based web and mobile app solution, works alongside existing point of sale (POS) systems and standalone rewards programs.

The new Marketplace for enterprise retailers features automated data analysis and data-driven dashboards powered by IBM Watson Analytics, enabling Mobile Rewards App partners and enterprise retailers, who are integrated with Sionic Mobile’s ICE platform, to better engage and connect with mobile consumers. These analytics provide powerful insights related to customers' spending traits across the entire Marketplace, and in turn, allows enterprise retailers to dynamically adjust rewards and deliver individualized offers using simple business rules.

"The Mobile Rewards Marketplace is a game changer for both SMB and large retail merchants," said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile. "We’re not aware of any other mobile payments and rewards offering that allows SMB owners to go mobile in five minutes or less, with no upfront cost or monthly fees, and immediately reach nearby Mobile Rewards App users. Likewise, our combined iBeacon-enabled ICE platform and Mobile Rewards Marketplace - an industry first - uniquely addresses in-store mobile payments and rewards for both retailer-branded mobile apps and the broader Marketplace cooperative, optimizing distinctly different use cases with a single integration.”

For SMB merchant members of the Mobile Rewards Marketplace, sales are entered as usual. Owners or staff use the free Marketplace mobile app to accept mobile-to-mobile payments using a QR Code or 3-digit code from the customer's phone. That’s it. Immediately following a successful mobile checkout, customers receive instant rewards (points, miles, etc.) in their Mobile Rewards App. SMBs pay ONLY when accepting a mobile-to-mobile payment - 1% success fee, low card payment fee, and whatever reward they choose to give their mobile customers - typically 2% to 10% of checkout amounts.

Sionic Mobile’s ICE platform combines an extensive GeoSense® iBeacon network with important market insights, enabling custom greetings to consumers that drive awareness and generate more frequent app usage at businesses in the Marketplace. Additionally, the platform is integrated with popular payment terminals and POS systems for enterprise clients, supports mobile payments from most any iOS or Android device and any bank-issued credit or debit card. ICE payments are safe, secure and processed by J.P. Morgan Chase.

About Sionic Mobile

Midtown Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile, a cloud-based mobile commerce company, provides white-label mobile pay and loyalty applications to partners and clients delivering rewards, savings and perks to millions of mobile consumers. The award-winning ION Commerce Engine (ICE) and Company-owned, GeoSense® iBeacon network drives greater adoption and more frequent app use for partners and merchants. The ICE platform features IBM Watson Analytics for partners and enterprise retailers. The Company also operates the nation’s fastest growing Mobile Rewards Marketplace, comprised of large chain retailers and small businesses alike. Merchants pay a small fee when mobile customers pay with their app and the Company shares the fee with partners. Visit

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