Sionic Mobile Enhances Connected Commerce Platform with Universal Linking

By: Business Wire 11/14/2018, 1:15:00 PM


ATLANTA--Sionic Mobile, the leading provider of cloud-based connected commerce and loyalty gateway services, today announced it has enhanced its platform so consumers can interact with their favorite brands featured in their vehicle infotainment screen, mobile wallet or shopping and rewards app with a single account. Prior to universal linking, consumers were required to download food, parking, hotel, store and other mobile apps, store a credit card in each app, then link each account separately.

“We’re not suggesting consumers stop downloading apps for their go-to places,” said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile. “We believe customers having already downloaded a mobile wallet or shopping and rewards app prefer to use those apps -- along with in-vehicle marketplace apps -- to reorder recent or favorite meals and enjoy curbside pickup or skip-the-line takeout. Either way, retailers win with greater reach and increased sales.”

Once linked, consumers use secure, central payments and loyalty rewards to pay for parking, fuel, food, hotel rooms and other frequent purchases, all within the comfort of their vehicle or preferred mobile app.

“One of the biggest obstacles preventing consumer adoption of mobile wallets and rewards applications is the cumbersome user experience,” continued Herman. “Our latest enhancement will radically change the way consumers interact with their favorite brands. Simplifying the sign-on procedure not only streamlines the process, but also provides a new incentive to use these mobile tools regularly – a shift to must-have, daily reliance to conduct nearly every aspect of their lives from either a mobile device or their connected car.”

About Sionic Mobile

Midtown Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile connects millions of consumers through their vehicle dashboards, digital wallets and favorite mobile apps with brick-and-mortar and online merchants participating in the Mobile Rewards Marketplace – a digital loyalty co-op. Merchants deliver offers, perks and rewards to consumers and accept secure, mobile payments – including app partners’ loyalty currency as cash – at the point of sale. App partners include top-tier digital wallets and loyalty programs in automotive, travel, shopping and finance. The award-winning ION Commerce Engine® (ICE) and GeoSense® iBeacon and geofencing location technology drive more frequent app usage for partners and increase foot traffic and incremental new revenue to merchants. Merchants pay a small marketing fee when customers interact with their brand through vehicle dashboards or pay with their mobile apps. Visit


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