The Award-Winning
ION Commerce Engine® (ICE)

We Own It

We own and operate the ION Commerce Engine - a multi-tenant, dual-cloud platform securely transacting mobile payments and merchant-funded rewards at the point of sale. ICE is dynamic and can accommodate various digital platforms, services and providers.

All in the Cloud

Our cloud based mobile commerce platform is capable of powering partners’ mobile pay & loyalty apps. It gives clients and partners the option to either white-label our already developed mobile apps for consumers and merchants, or enhance their own mobile apps using our mobile software developer kit (SDK) and content.

Simple Integrations

The ICE payment and loyalty platform can be integrated with popular payment terminals and point of sale (POS) systems and may easily integrate with other tablet and mobile POS solutions.

Partners' mobile apps can be supported using ICE APIs, adding mobile payments and proprietary rewards for their mobile app users. ICE may also connect directly with loyalty app partners’ points systems, converting rewards to cash during redemptions and cash to rewards during accrual.

Through our third-party eGift Card provider, we’ve created a merchant marketplace that is comprised of large chain retailers with a nationwide footprint. The Mobile Rewards Marketplace, with assistance from our ICE platform, can also facilitate mobile payments and checkouts for small business merchants.

Large retailers enable mobile checkouts and rewards by scanning the app user’s digital eGift Card for the exact amount of purchase, or keying in the eGift Card number and PIN at the point of sale. Small business merchants participate in the Mobile Rewards Marketplace by using our merchant app on their mobile device or connecting payment terminals or POS systems to the ICE platform. App users present a 3-digit CODE to the cashier to complete their mobile checkouts.

Marketplace merchants fund your loyalty rewards when members pay with their phones at their locations. They pay us a small fee when Mobile Rewards App customers pay with their phones.

Are you a bank or credit union? With the Mobile Rewards Marketplace, we can help connect communities one-by-one to build the largest network of small business merchants and mobile consumers. Explore how our Marketplace can help connect the community around your financial institution.

ICE Partners

These world-class partners help us power ICE: