Increase traffic and sales.

Customize promotions to reach nearby, ready-to-spend consumers. Reward customers with bonus IONs and they’ll come back for more.

IONs you reward customers may only be used at your place.

Reduce the time & cost to get paid.

Google Wallet, eCheck, credit card – no matter how your customers pay using ION Rewards, we deposit cash in your checking account every night. And the cost to move money is only 25¢ when they pay with eCheck.

Mobile gifting made easy.

Any ION Rewards user may gift to another any amount in IONs to spend only at your place. It’s an extra, no-cost benefit that helps drive more sales for you.

Getting started.

ION Loyalty works best on an iPad or Android tablet enclosed on a tilt stand located near your cash register. If you already have a tablet, click here to purchase an enclosure.

Control your costs.

There is no upfront or monthly fee to use ION Loyalty. We earn a 1% marketing fee only when ION customers pay with their phones at checkout. We pass along our partners’ fees to move money: 25¢ for eCheck & Dwolla or 2.75% for Google Wallet and credit cards.

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