Loyalty for Merchants


for merchants
Getting and keeping good customers has never been easier.


More sales. Less cost. Repeat customers.

Setup an ION Loyalty account online today.
Promote your business to nearby ION Rewards consumers.
Use your mobile device to confirm payments & rewards at checkout.

No upfront cost. No monthly fee. No device to buy.



Get new customers in the door and good customers back for more.

We’ll show consumers how to find you.

Show them you want their business.

Create promos that sell.

I’m craving pizza.



Cut out discounts and credit card fees.

Do what you do best at full price.

Give customers a break on their next visit.

Accept eChecks to cut credit card fees.

Keep more of your hard earned money.



Reward customers for every purchase. They’ll be back for more.


Thank loyal customers at checkout.

Give extra rewards on promos.

Get them back more often.

Earn IONs. Spend IONs. Repeat.