Rewards for Consumers


for consumers
It pays to pay with your phone.®

It’s easy. It’s instant. It’s everywhere.
Download the free app.
Sign up and link a payment type.
Pay with your phone to earn IONs at every checkout

Spend IONs like cash. No restrictions. IONs never expire.


Link a payment. Pay with the app. Earn IONs.

Download the free app. Create an account or sign in with your G+ or Facebook accounts, then link a payment type.

Shop or dine as always. At checkout, enter the purchase amount. The app buys an eGift card to show the cashier.

We give you IONs instantly: Google Wallet and credit card payments earn 1% rewards and eChecks earn 2%.

Easy as pie.


Spend IONs like cash on anything at anytime.

Earn IONs instantly after every checkout, then spend them like cash on anything at any time at over 30,000 places.

Get IONs for buying everything from makeup and flatscreen TVs to lawnmowers and fishing boats.

IONs add up fast and never expire.
1,000 IONs = 1 Dollar.

Live in the NOW.


Earn & spend IONs at over 30,000 places.

Home improvement, books & electronics, cosmetics, office supplies, clothing, hotels, restaurants — IONs are where you shop.

Send IONs, eGift cards, even fuel to other ION users in real time. They’ll thank you and we’ll give you more IONs.

Choose a non-profit and we’ll donate a percentage of every checkout at no cost. Feel free to donate your IONs as well.

Everywhere is anywhere.