MERCHANTS: Connect Your Big Brand to Consumers on the Go

Reach millions through their vehicles.

According to Nielsen, the average American spends 72 minutes per day in their vehicle. Reach high-intent, captive consumers in their vehicles with highly-targeted impressions and interactions. Our vehicle gateway links your customer with the dashboard, enhancing drive times with convenient services like order & pay ahead, curbside pick-up, in-store offer redemptions via mobile apps and more.

Reach millions more through their (other) favorite mobile apps.

Our travel, banking, and insurance app partners typically enjoy home screen presence on their customers’ phones. Connect with these mobile-savvy consumers by listing your physical locations in our digital, Mobile Rewards Marketplace®. We offer unlimited advertising to increase traffic and provide complimentary beacons, reminding customers to pay with their apps and use or earn rewards at the point of sale.


APP PARTNERS: Create Everyday Brand Loyalty

Would an airline customer ever think to open his app at a coffee shop and pay with miles? Highly unlikely. By embedding our Marketplace features inside your app – including beacon welcome notifications - you gain instant access to a wholly merchant-funded rewards network: brick & mortar destinations where your app members can redeem and earn rewards in your loyalty currency based on what they spend.

Now airlines, for example, can transition member touch points from travel day to every day.


SMALL BUSINESSES: Connect with Nearby Mobile Consumers

Reach ready-to-spend consumers of top-tier travel, banking, insurance and other mobile apps by joining the Mobile Rewards Marketplace. Signing up for an account is fast and easy and there is no up-front cost or monthly fees. Create your own ads in a matter of minutes and set the reward percent you want to give your new mobile customers.

Accepting mobile app payments is just as simple. Assign a tender key on your point of sale system (next to cash, credit, coupon, etc.) as MOBILE PAY. Ring up the sale as normal then select MOBILE PAY. Open our free app on your phone or tablet, enter the amount due and a three-digit code from your customer’s mobile app. That’s it!

Every night, we deposit the net amount in your business bank account: total sale less Chase fee to process the payment (typically 2%), our low marketing fee and whatever reward amount you set.

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